Brand creation and development

купить марки лсд россия Do you wish to create your own label or brand? We will provide concepts based on your rough guidelines, wishes and product DNA. After you have chosen the concept, we will then create several potential labels. The label of your choice will be then be further refined until we reach the design you like. Should you request a brand- or marketing plan, we will be happy to develop it for you.

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Marketing plans

enter Not only products but also a company or organisation needs a plan to position itself. What is the soul of a company, its mission statement, philosophy, aim... And what means will it adopt to achieve these goals? The amalgam of creative ideas, a sophisticated strategy and scheduling of implementation needs to be distilled into a workable plan.

Concepts We just love to start our work from a concept. It forms the base of creating a coherent platform and all other actions undertaken, whether on a company or product level. An appropriate communication plan can be put into action, reaching the target audience and creating the desired response.


Brand plans

enter A clear “branding”strategy is a must if you want to achieve a successful positioning. The story behind a product, service or brand is the solid foundation for an effective communication strategy, to enhance sales and build stronger client relationships.

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