The way you present yourself tells something about the way you want to be seen. A well-designed logo shows your identity and should be easy to recognise. Sometimes “less is more”. You need to feel good with your logo as it symbolises you and your company. And above all, it is something you can not change every year.


Just about everything determines the image of a company. The central point of recognition is the appropriate logo that reflects the company style. The house style fits in seamlessly. Consistent use of both in all areas of your communication is key. The image is set by the way you act and react. Your style and surroundings are in line with your image and client relationships.

House style

Your house style represents the visual expression of your company. A good, persistent house style will contribute to a thorough and virtually subliminal recognition. A house style is integrated into all aspects of your communication and will help to determine your image and the values that accompany it.