Few people have the talent to master the language of wine in a way that will entertain both the beginner as well as the wine connoisseur. Technical terms, the right tone of voice, commercial, informative, intelligible, able to quickly pass on the right message whilst maintaining an eye for detail. Converting this into another language is not an easy task. Wynamics has its translations done by “native speakers”, people who are translating into their own mother tongue.

B2B, business to business

Also for B2B communication, we apply a certain style that will enhance the corporate or product identity, or the way one works with clients. This can be done in a presentation, newsflash or an invitation. A coherent approach with clear features confirm stability, a good relationship and continuity. It secures the trust and partnership philosophy we aim to develop.


Depending on the target audience and the purpose, texts are devised in a clear and easy to read language that will appeal and provide a personal touch. An engaging text that will create an emotion or reaction in the “language” and environment of the person to whom it is addressed.


We undertake both internal and external corporate communications. It might be about important changes in the company's evolution, newsletters, event invitations,.. in print or digitally.

B2C, business to consumer

Consumer communication is an important aspect of the success a product will have in the market. Depending on the goal; informing, a call  to action,  image building, we create a connection between the consumer and the product. We write in a way that people are triggered to keep on reading, thus gaining more involvement and connection with the product that will eventually lead to a first or repeated purchase.